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Miss (Emily) Williams
Clinton, Connecticut, United States
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ann miller, ballroom dancing, carousel, cary grant, casablanca, dana andrews, dean martin, debbie reynolds, dick powell, don ameche, donald o'connor, easter parade, errol flynn, frank sinatra, fred astaire, gene kelly, gene tierney, george murphy, ginger rogers, gordon macrae, graphics, heaven can wait, humphrey bogart, icons, it's a wonderful life, john wayne, judy garland, julie andrews, june haver, laura, leslie howard, little nellie kelly, my fair lady, oklahoma!, olivia de havilland, on the town, rex harrison, richard widmark, rodgers and hammerstein, shall we dance, shirley jones, singin' in the rain, state fair, swing time, the gay divorcee, the music man, the searchers, the sound of music, top hat, two rode together